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Car Repairs, Servicing and MOT Testing in Earlsfield | Avoiding Breakdowns

Highway MOTs have over 50 years of experience in the car repairs industry. We understand first-hand the most common reasons for breakdowns and have been helping motorist in Earlsfield and the surrounding South London areas, to keep their cars in good condition since 1982. To give your car the best chance, we always recommend regular car servicing and MOT testing, as well as vehicle diagnostics. At our service and MOT test centre in Tooting, our professional and friendly team are always happy to help! 

Last year, car breakdown statistics showed that the majority of breakdown callouts were concerning non-start issues, with tyre or wheel problems and general mechanical issues making up the rest. There are many reasons why your car might not start, from a dead battery to a broken starter. Whatever the issue, we know how frustrating an unexpected breakdown can be, which is why we’re providing tips on how to avoid them.

Tips for Avoiding Unexpected Car Repairs

1. Get your car regularly serviced

At our service and MOT test centre, our expert mechanics and technicians advise all our customers in Earlsfield and the surrounding areas, to arrange regular car servicing. Without the proper maintenance of your vehicle, unexpected car repairs are much more likely, so organising a service at least every 12-months or 12,000 miles, can also save you money. Along with car servicing we also carry out air conditioning servicing and vehicle diagnostics.

2. Keep on track with annual MOT testing

MOT tests are a legal obligation in the UK for vehicle’s over three years old. MOT testing involves a number of visual inspections of components and features such as the lights, steering, brakes and suspension, to ensure they meet current roadworthy and emissions standards. The checks can sometimes highlight problems early on, which will mean car repairs can be carried out before the issue gets any worse. At Highway MOTs, we are able to use vehicle diagnostics software to identify problems quickly.

3. Look after tyres and wheels

Many of our customers from Earlsfield and the surrounding South London area, come to our service and MOT test centre for car repairs as well as car servicing, due to tyre or wheel alignment problems. This is becoming increasingly common as the state of the UK’s roads only gets worse with potholes and cracks. In order to give your tyres and wheels the best chance, remember to look after them properly by checking the pressure and tread of your tyres often.

4. Don’t ignore warning lights

Do you have a pesky warning light on your dashboard that beeps every time you turn your car on? Don’t ignore it! Even if it’s just a minor issue, bring your vehicle to our service and MOT test centre near Earlsfield to get an expert opinion. Our technicians are fully equipped with the latest vehicle diagnostics software, to quickly discover exactly what your vehicle requires.

Need to arrange car servicing, vehicle diagnostics or MOT testing? Call us today on 0208 6720806. Our service and MOT test centre is based in Tooting, close to Earlsfield and Balham.