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Vehicle Diagnostics in Tooting

Of all the technological advancements in the automotive industry, the introduction of electronic control units (ECU) and on-board diagnostics (OBD) have been some of the most impactful. Most modern vehicles manufactured since 1996 have an OBD system which works with the ECU to collect data from sensors located throughout the vehicle. Our mechanics use specialist vehicle diagnostics to read this data and accurately diagnose vehicle faults.

Book a car diagnostics test at our service and MOT test centre in Tooting, close to Earlsfield, Wimbledon and Balham. We welcome Class IV cars and light commercial vehicles of any make or model.

Dashboard Warning Lights

In many modern cars, you will notice dashboard warning lights illuminate when you start the vehicle. This is a normal routine to show they are all functioning, but if any stay on after 5 seconds this is alerting you to a fault. Dashboard warning lights work in conjunction with on-board diagnostics systems (OBD). If something is wrong with your vehicle, such as a tyre that’s low in pressure, the sensors will report back to the diagnostics system and the relevant dashboard light illuminated.

Dashboard symbols are generally categorised into three groups: 

Red Lights – Highlights a potentially serious problem, system failure or safety issue. You should stop your car as soon as possible.

Amber/Yellow Lights – Suggests something needs to inspecting, before it becomes a more serious issue.

Green/Blue Lights – Shows something is activated such as your main beam highlights.

Knowing what the dashboard light means is half the battle, which is why we recommend bringing your vehicle to our workshop in Tooting. Our mechanics will use the latest vehicle diagnostics tools and code readers to accurately pinpoint the problem.

Vehicle Diagnostics Tests

Just like how a doctor perform medical tests to diagnose health problems, our technicians use vehicle diagnostics tests to find what the issue is with your car. During this technical test, we perform in-depth examinations and use the latest code reading scanners to assist us. By using updated software and state-of-the-art equipment, we can perform diagnostic tests on all class VI cars and small commercial vehicles accurately.

Experiencing difficulties with your car or have had a dashboard warning light appear? If you’re anywhere near our workshop in Tooting, such as Wimbledon, Balham or Earlsfield, bring your vehicle to us for competitively priced vehicle diagnostics. Our technicians will fully investigate the problem and offer to undertake any required car repairs. We run a responsible business and deliver honest and clear recommendations.

Call 0208 6720806 today to book a vehicle diagnostics test at Highway MOTs in Tooting. We offer no-obligation quotations and professional advice.